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Wood and Forest Eco-museum

In Thônes and events on-site at La Ruche.
Thônes is 25 minutes from La Ruche by coach.
Between Lake Annecy and the Aravis mountains (mountain stations of La Clusaz, Grand-Bornand and Manigod), in the heart of the natural and privileged site of the Monteront Valley in Thônes, the Wood and Forest Eco-museum offers an authentic journey back in time with a visit to a former 19th century water-powered sawmill (new fresco illustrating the evolution of the region, and a library with specimens of different local woods…).
By attending demonstrations of sawing and the lowering of tree trunks from the mountain by cable, you will discover the passionate history of mountain wood-working and the evolution of the forestry industry in the Savoy region.

Wood and Forest Eco-museum
GPS (Lat. & Long.) : 45.87849 & 6.29761
Scierie des Etouvières – Vallée de Montremont
74230 THÔNES
Phone: +33 (0)4 50 32 18 10
Website: Wood and Forest Eco-museum

Lake Annecy Eco-museum

In Sevrier.
An astonishing collection of traditional folk costumes and objects reveals the everyday life of men and women of the time, on the shore of Lake Annecy. This journey back in time, both fun and interactive (realistic scenes, know-how presentations, entertainment, projection of short films…), is an excuse for an out of the ordinary exploration of the region.
The Eco-museum can be visited together as a family, with activities specifically for children and a puzzle game to find out the secret of a mysterious disappearance. A wide program of entertainment and activities for all ages is also offered.
A warm welcome is particularly reserved for disabled visitors.
A variety of visits are destined towards groups (adults, school groups, disabled), all year around, with a reservation.
So, during the whole year, lessons and starter courses in various artisanal techniques are organised (bobbin lace, Opinel carving, embroidery, wood-painting, Savoy party desserts…)

Écomusée du lac d’Annecy
Route de l’église
Phone: +33 (0)4 50 52 41 05
Website: Lake Annecy Eco-museum


Onsite in La Ruche.
A nature guide can come on-site to La Ruche.

Nature Rally / Orienteering course / Activities about wolves, activities about beehives and bees….

150€ per event (group of 35 participants)


Frédéric ISSELIN
Phone: +33 (0)6 22 54 92 68

Farm visits and cheese production

Directly accessible from La Ruche La Salle.

The Farm of Les Prises

Towards La Clusaz, by the woods.

Free entry all year round.


Phone: +33 (0)4 50 02 62 41

The Farm of Lorette

On the Beauregard Plateau.

Discover and taste the cheeses produced respecting ancestral traditions. Visit an old restored farm, associated with a workshop with modern production. Walk into a floral alpine pastoral landscape with Mont Blanc in the background.

The life of the farm revolves around the seasons. During the winter, the cows stay in the Thônes valley, in the barn, whilst in the summer, they come to the pastures on the Beauregard plateau, where the holding is. The holding, can be visited all the year round.


The Farm of Lorette
On the Beauregard Plateau
74230 THÔNES
Phone: +33 (0)4 50 44 08 37
GSM: +33 (0)6 78 12 55 05

The farm of L’Étale

At Merdassier pass.

Cheese making and selling. At the foot of Merdassier pass. It is the farm which provide some of cheese and regional products served on La Ruche tables.


Phone : +33(0)4 50 02 64 63

Paccard Cheese making

Onsite at La Ruche La Salle.

Mr Favre, Master cheese maker, talks about life on the pastures. Demonstration of cheese making and tasting!
Visit and preparation on-site.


Paccard Cheese making
M. Favre
Les Bréviaires
Phone: +33 (0)4 50 44 07 50
GSM: +33 (0)6 78 12 55 05
Website: Paccard Cheese making

Lake cruise

In Annecy.
Hour-long cruises on the lake, multi-person boats from port to port, breakfast or dinner cruise…for you to choose!
All the cruises are guided.


Lac Annecy Tourisme
Website: Croisières sur le lac d’Annecy

Glass blowing

In Menthon Saint-Bernard.
The workshop is close to the town of Menthon Saint Bernard, a few kilometres from Annecy and its old town. Located between the lake and the mountains, it is about 200 metres as the crow flies from Menthon and 100 metres from the farm at Charbonnière.
You can park easily in the large shop car park.


The glass blowing
100, route des Penoz
Phone: +33 (0)6 73 16 42 37
Website: The glass blowing

Menthon Castle

In Menthon Saint-Bernard.
The castle looks over a sumptuous landscape, facing Lake Annecy and the mountains.

It is a former fort, from the 10th century, redesigned several times and restored during the 19th century in the neo-gothic style. It stands high over the municipality of Menthon-Saint-Bernard in the county of Upper Savoy, in the Rhone-Alps.

Today, the castle is lived in by the Menthon family as it has been from the beginning. A visit to the castle in summer is embellished by a group of comedians who make their story come alive. Each year it welcomes nearly 40,000 visitors. It is possible to rent rooms for receptions, seminars and weddings for up to 150 people. Menthon Castle apparently inspired Walt Disney for his drawing of the castle in Sleeping Beauty. In 2006, we received confirmation of this by his grandson.

The castle has been classified as a French historic monument.


Menthon – St-Bernard Castle
Phone: +33 (0)7 81 74 39 72
Website: Menthon Castle